The importance of educational and childcare institutions cannot be overemphasized as being a core part of developing children academically and socially.  With multiple children and students in one facility, the probability of the spread of harmful viruses and germs is enhanced. Flawless Janitors provides professional and exquisite cleaning services to all types and levels of education institutions, as well as daycare centers. 

Our use of environmentally safe cleaning products keeps the facilities' environment safe, as well as the users of the facilities.  We will also provide additional services such as removal of unsightly marks on walls, cleaning gymnasiums, and pool areas.

By hiring Flawless Janitors, we can ensure you are confident of a perfectly clean and safe school and daycare environment.

Standard Services

Lobby & Offices
  • Trash Disposal

  • Organize Reading Materials

  • Dust Office Furniture

  • Dust Pictures & Computer Equipment

  • Dust Reception Desk

  • Vacuum Carpet & Rug Areas

  • Sweep & Mop Tiled Floor Areas

  • Remove Cobwebs

  • Trash Disposal

  • Clean & Disinfect Changing Tables & Potty Chairs

  • Clean & Disinfect Toilets

  • Refill Soap Dispensers

  • Refill Toilet Paper Dispensers

  • Refill Hand Towel Dispensers

  • Clean & Disinfect Door Handles

  • Clean & Disinfect Sinks & Countertops

  • Clean Mirrors

  • Mop Tiled Floor Areas

Classrooms & Play Areas
  • Trash Disposal

  • Dust Student Desks & Chairs

  • Dust Computer Equipment

  • Vacuum Carpet & Rugs

  • Sweep & Mop Tiled Floors

  • Dust Misc. Surfaces

  • Remove Cobwebs

Break Rooms & Public Areas
  • Trash Disposal

  • Clean Break Rooms & Kitchens

  • Clean Food Preparation Areas

  • Clean External Surface of Appliances

  • Clean & Disinfect Sinks & Countertops

  • Sweep & Mop Tiled Floor Areas

  • Vacuum Carpet Areas

  • Disinfect Drinking Fountains

Customizable Services

Flawless Janitors cleaning professionals understand that every business has its individual needs when it comes to maintaining a clean facility. We take the time to meet with our customers to determine exactly what needs to be done to satisfy your facility's needs. If there are additional areas that you want us to focus on we can do that at your request. 

Additional Services
  • Clean Ceiling Fans

  • Clean Hallway Lockers & Locker Rooms

  • Clean Gymnasium Floor & Benches

  • Clean Pool Areas

  • Disinfect Playground Equipment

  • Light Fixtures

  • Clean Window Sills & Window Tracks

  • Outside Window Cleaning

  • Dust & Wipe Baseboards

  • Shampoo Carpets

  • Floor Buffing & Polishing

  • Office Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

  • Curtain & Drape Cleaning

  • Hardwood Floor Treatments

  • Deep Clean Break Room Stove & Refrigerator

  • Clean Air Vents

  • Interior Painting & Mark Removal

  • Laundry Services

  • Water Indoor Plants

  • Daytime Porter Services

Flawless Janitors will work according to your schedules, without affecting the work activities of your office.  Contact us today, as a reliable cleaning services company that offers more than just cleanliness, but also the happiness and satisfaction of our customers.

We would be happy to set up a FREE CONSULTATION for you in your facility. Call us now at (813) 444-4416 to make an appointment.

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